Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fantasyland Expansion Model

This photo just surfaced.  Claims to be a leaked photo of the new Fantasyland Expansion.

Personally I wish they'd just leave it alone, but with John Lasseter working on it I'm sure it will be good.

Here is the source: http://www.attractionsmagazine.com/blog/2010/01/26/large-photo-leaked-of-tabletop-model-for-fantasylands-makeover/ (thank Dan Chan for the news.)


  1. Isn't the Fantasyland revamp going to be just a bunch of themed meet 'n greet locations and one new dark ride? I wish the Little Mermaid dark ride wasn't going to be the exact same one that California Adventure is getting (I know the exteriors are supposed to be different). I live in So Cal, so if they just crank out the same ride, I won't need to go to Orlando to see it. If they did something different like.....A Beauty and the Beast dark ride. I'd be flying to Florida to check it out. Oh well, they've never been to smart when it comes to that stuff...it seems to always be about saving money.

  2. I agree. I also don't really see a purpose of moving Dumbo and building a second right beside it.

  3. Yeah, it's hard for me to get excited about a "double Dumbo." How about leaving Dumbo where it is and building a second dark ride! I guess the new Dumbo will incorporate the new waiting system that eliminates waiting in line and gets rid of Fastpass also. That should be interesting.