Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freeze-a-thon weekend.

Last weekend must have been the coldest in Florida history.  It was so cold that iguanas were freezing and falling out of trees.  People were taking them from the middle of roads and putting them in the grass so when they sprang back to life when it warmed up they wouldn't be in the middle of the street.

So Saturday morning myself and 8 other members of my family woke up to 29 degree weather at 4 am....did I mention it was also sleeting.  For 6 of us it was out first half marathon.

To be honest it was not that bad running in the sleet since it just bounced off of you. A few miles into the run the sleet turned into rain which wasn't as fun.  I did finish though at 2:57:46 which I consider pretty good for my first half marathon.  Check out the medal!

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