Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exhibit B:

This is my Schwinn Flying Star that I am turning into a Pee Wee Herman bike.  When I bought this it was pretty rusty and disgusting so I've spent months sanding it down and painting it.  I still need to build the saddle bags for the back (If anyone has a clue about doing that i'd appreciate some advice).  As well as a few more odds and ends.

If you remember the bike from the movie you will notice that I do not have the same siren as Pee Wee. His looks like this:

Believe me I have tried to find this siren, and I have twice.  It sells for over $1,000 on ebay and Im not ready to drop that much cash on a bike siren right now.

My favorite accessory by far though is the compass, which the  majority of Pee Wee bikes I have seen usually leave out.

Here's a top view for ya.

I have a few more shots of the bike on my Flickr.

I'll leave you with this one though...

Now I just need to save up for a Delorean.....

1 comment:

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