Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lilly Belle: Part I

This post is going to be two parts (hence the part I in the title).  The first explaining how I purchased the ticket and the second about the ride.  I just did not want to write one huge post.

Back in September 2009 I went to a sneak preview of the Walt Disney Family Museum.  I am a Carolwood Pacific Historical Society Member and Diane Disney held a few tickets for members to attend (along with D23 members).

I was in the gift shopping grabbing everything in sight like a mad man when I stumbled upon a small table with large tickets on it.  There was another guy checking them out and had no clue what they were, I grabbed one and saw that it was a ticket to ride the Lilly Belle.  According to the sign these tickets were uncirculated left overs from ones Lillian Disney had printed to give to friends and family visiting Disneyland who wanted to ride in the VIP car on the Disneyland Rail Road.  I thought "Wow, these must cost a fortune."  When I turned it over and saw they were only $5 I thought "Well, why don't I buy 2 of them!"

I went the the register with my 2 Lilly Belle tickets and the rest of my swag and was confused when my total was $100 over what I had added up in my head.  I thought either this girl does not know how to use a cash register or I am worse at math than I thought.  I decided not to say anything and just check my receipt.  I scanned it for an error and that's where I saw it.  In my excitement at the thought of riding the Lilly Belle I misread the price.  They weren't $5 each...they were $55.

I did not want to go back to the register like an idiot and explain my lack of basic reading skills so I sucked it up and left.  I figured my worst case scenario was getting to ride the Lilly Belle twice.

So stay tuned for part II and see if one trip around Disneyland in a special train car is worth $55.

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  1. I rode in the Lilly Belle once. It happened to be coupled onto the train, and a polite request to the DLRR CM got me and my date in. Definitely nice.