Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banksy in Disneyland

Banksy has been in Los Angeles this week because his film Exit Through The Gift Shop is nominated for an Academy Award (Best Documentary).  He will most likely not be in attendance since he keeps his identity secret.  He has been busy though making sure everyone knows he is in town.  If you didn't know, Banksy is a street artist.

The film is about a guy (Therri) who discovers his cousin is a street artist named Space Invader.  He starts following his cousin around, video taping him while he displays his mosaic pieces all over France.  He starts filming other street artist which is how he eventually meets the secretive Banksy.

While Banksy is in LA preparing for his first American show he decides to go to Disneyland.

 He passes through security with no problem.

Then walks around the park until he finds the perfect place for his newest piece, this leads him to Frontierland.  He opens up his back pack and starts to blow up a dummy he made to resemble a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

He jumps the fence and heads towards Big Thunder.

And sets up his detainee.

Therri sticks around to see what happens while Banksy slips into a restroom to change his clothes.  According to the film, Therri notices plain closed men who look like security and starts to walk away.  They follow him and eventually grab him and take him to the infamous Disneyland jail where he is questioned for 4 hours.

During this time, Therri tells them he was just taping because he saw the man.  He tells security that he has already deleted the pictures from his camera (while he had the video tape stuffed in his sock).  Where was Banksy during all this?  He was riding Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean....

The film is actually very interesting and worth watching.  You can watch it for free on YouTube, but if you only want to see the Disneyland part, start towards the end of Part 5 and the beginning of Part 6.


  1. Damn i love that, hes down.

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