Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Haunted Mansion Queue

Every morning last week when I rode the Haunted Mansion the new queue area was blocked off with plants.  Waiting in line you could see workers in the new area, and hear a lot of sneezing.  Whenever we asked when the new queue would open, the Cast Members had no idea.  Then, the one day I was not at the Magic Kingdom it opened from 10-3.  My last day (which was a half day) was Friday.  The queue still was not open and I had pretty much given up all I hope that I was going to see it.  We had Fast Passes for Space Mountain, and decided to ride it before heading over to Epcot.

We got off Space Mountain and headed up the moving side walk to the gift shop.  In the gift shop I realized my iphone was gone, it had fallen out sometime during the ride.  I knew it must have been in the seat, so we ran to the entrance and told a Cast Member.  After waiting around for a few minutes they told me "You can come back tomorrow, if it fell out during the ride we can turn the lights on tonight and look for it."  I explained that we were leaving in a few hours so they told us to come back in an hour.  

We headed over to the Haunted Mansion which had a 20 minute wait.  We asked the CM if the new queue was open.  He replied "I guess you'll have to wait in line and find out."  We took this as a yes and got in line, as we walked away we heard "Psssst."  We turned to see the CM nod his head with a sly smile on his face.

So, as you can imagine as excited as I was to finally see the new queue,  I was more concerned about my phone.  Taking photos was also a little complicated since people were all over the place, posing with the figures, and touching everything.  Anyway, let's see this thing!

First, we have a new set of busts.

Some of the old graves have been relocated.

I like how in the last 3 refurbs (Space Mountain, Pooh, and now HM) Disney has added interactive touches to help the time pass.  When you touch the instruments on this wall, they play!

 On the opposite side the instruments are more fiendish looking.

Then we come up to the Sea Captains grave.

One awesome touch is that it's leaking water.  This grave is also the source of all the sneezing I heard.  The captain will randomly sneeze and water will spit out of the top of the grave.

Guest can also play this organ while waiting in line.  Smoke comes out of the pipes and skulls.  Check out the brand!

The books in this book case  pop out while you wait. 

If you are wondering why there is a bookcase in a cemetery, it's because the grave belongs to a writer.  A ghostly voice recites a poems that magically appears on the book in her tomb.  Towards the end of the poem she gets writers block, that's when it's your turn to yell out what word she should use, which will then appear in the book.

One of my favorite new additions though is this wall of crypts.

Paul Frees, Ken Anderson, Rolly Crump, and Blaine Gibson are now immortalized in the attraction they helped create.

The old grave yard has been slightly rearranged as well.

There you have it kids, the new Haunted Mansion queue.  I think it's great, and honestly how can you not?  New busts with funny deaths, the Sea Captain gets a grave after all these years, musical and talking graves!  If you do end up hating the new additions I don't think you will ever have to walk through it.  There was a Cast Member in the queue telling people if they wanted to see the new additions they could take the long way, if not they could proceed through the regular (shorter) line.  

Incase you were wondering, when I went back to Space Mountain an hour later they had my phone.  Great end to a wonderful trip!


  1. Glad to hear you got your phone back AND that you had a good trip.

    Great photos! The new stuff looks pretty good. Does the old Leota headstone still open it's eyes every now and then?

  2. I did not really pay attention to the Leota tomb, but my guess is that she still blinks.