Monday, March 7, 2011

Want to hear me talk about Walt Disney?

Do you guys/girls listen to Mousetalgia?  This weeks episode is about seeing Walt Disney history outside of the parks.  Since I have been to Kansas City and Marceline they asked if I would be on the show to talk about it.  Naturally, I said yes....

You can stream the episode on their site, or if you want to download it so my soothing voice can rock you to sleep, you can download it for free on itunes by searching Mousetalgia.

If you have never listened to Mousetalgia before I highly recommend it (it's actually the only podcast I listen to).  It's because of these guys I was able to meet John Lasseter a few years ago.  The hosts, Dave, Becky, Kristen, and Doom Buggies creator Jeff are very knowledgeable and cover a wide range of Disney topics.  Plus they're very entertaining to listen to.  So give them a listen!


  1. Now we know why they call you Donnie Disney.

  2. Yes Sir, It isn't just because of my pencil thin mustache and backyard rail road...