Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WDW College Program: Intro

Are you in College?  Do you want to work at Walt Disney World?  Do yourself a favor and try to join the Walt Disney World College Program.  I was a CP back in 2003.  At the time I was a blue haired punk being followed around the Disney Store by the manager, who I can only assume thought I was there to steal DVD's.  Eventually, he realized that I knew more about Walt Disney than he did and followed me around to discuss Walt.  One day while I was in the store he asked me if I had ever heard about the WDW College Program.  I had no clue what he was talking about, then another Disney Store employee (sorry, they are not Cast Members) told me they were going to be at the University of Houston later in the month.  I did not go to UH but I decided to attend the presentation anyway.

A few weeks later there I was with 100 or so other kids learning about the College Program.  My friends (Ralf and Steven) and I signed up for interviews for the next day.  I was nervous since this was a pretty important interview. I mean, it was up to this woman if my life long dream of working at WDW would come true.  She let the three of us interview together (I think they do the interviews over the phone now) so my nerves vanished.  She started by asking us what "role" we would like.  I said custodian (because they get to roam the parks answering questions).  Steven said he wanted to be a character.  The recruiter told him that to be a character he would have to drive to Louisiana and audition.  Steven decided that a better idea would be to run around the room like King Louie in hopes she would see what a great performer he was and hire him on the spot.  The recruiter was not amused.  She went on asking us questions about our favorite attractions and Disney films.  Steven went on blowing the interview.

When it was over Ralf and I thanked Steven (who was oblivious) for ruining our chances of being accepted.  Weeks went by, Ralf received an email congratulating him on being accepted, I heard nothing.  Then one day a giant envelope arrived in the mail congratulating me on being accepted.  Steven also received an envelope, it was much smaller....

Turns out Ralf and I were 2 out of 3 people accepted from the University of Houston presentation.  I still have no idea how the recruiter looked past all of Steven's tomfoolery and accepted us, but I'm glad she did.

Obviously, my CP experience doesn't end there, but I will continue the saga as long as you guys want to hear about it.  So let me know!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'll work on that for next time.