Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interactive Queues...The Future?

Like a grand and miraculous space ship, our planet has sailed through the universe of time and for a majority of that time, we have been waiting in lines.  When I was a kid (and since the beginning of theme parks and DMV's) waiting in lines has just been a part of the game.  In fact whenever I tell someone I am going to Disney World the first thing they mention is the lines.  (but really I never wait over 15 minutes for anything)

I grew up close to Six Flags Astro World (RIP) and the closest thing they had to an interactive queue was TV screens showing old Looney Tunes shorts.  Disney World had something similar with the wacky video in the Space Mountain queue staring AC Slater. The first real interactive Disney queue I can think of was Indiana Jones in Disneyland and to a lesser extent the Madam Leota tombstone.  These were little touches that most people did not pick up on while they waited in line.  In fact, when a friend of mine told me there was a bamboo pole you could lean against in the Indy queue that would cause the ceiling to drop I called him a liar to his face.

I knew that Disney had moved the tree from the Pooh play area to the entrance of the Pooh attraction, I had no idea they had totally redone the queue!

The old Fast Pass area has been turned into a Tigger jumping area (which was closed the whole time I was there).  The new Fast Pass area is located at Mickey's Philhar Magic, because that makes sense.

Next we see Rabbit's garden.

When kids pump the see saw (whatever it's called), water pours on the plants and the pumpkins grow.

I really like the "Kids this way/Adults this way."

 One of the more annoying aspects of the interactive queue is the noise makers.

The box at the back left is by far the worst idea in the queue, kids turn handles and make balls pop inside a cage, it's constant noise.

Hey look, it's Eeyore's house!

Kids can pull a rope here that will make gopher and his friends pop out of the ground.

Finally we come to this bee hive.  It has plastic bees that kids can push along the track.

The first night we rode Pooh, the line was short so we just admired this dripping honey wall as we walked past.  The next day though we realized you could play with it!

I listened to Mitch and Lily from Imagineering Disney talk about how Ipad like screens are a bad idea for an attractions queue, but I thought this was pretty great.  You can move the honey around to reveal the Pooh characters.  (I understand their dislike though)

Final Thoughts:

Some people claim that the new Haunted Mansion grave yard has ruined the attraction for them.  My opinion, these queues are made for little kids to pass time while they wait for an hour to spend 2 minutes with Pooh and his friends.  What's wrong with letting the kids immerse themselves in Pooh's world while they wait?  Word on the street is Peter Pan is next, and personally i'd really like to see what Imagineering has cooked up for that queue.

What do you think????

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  1. I think they're great for kiddie rides and slow loaders, but wastes of space and atmosphere at others.

    When I stand in the Jungle Cruise or PotC queues (and formerly in the Haunted Mansion queue) the artistic immersion is so thorough that my imagination automatically kicks in and I *become* an explorer waiting for my jungle boat or my dangerous cruise through the Caribbean. (I used to *become* someone who'd just stumbled on a grand but spooky old house at the edge of town.) I've never seen anyone get overly bored in those lines, except for kiddies so young that you know they're not going to appreciate the ride, wither.

    Pooh and Peter Pan! Bring it on! Dumbo, Heck yeah!