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Rushmore Film Locations Part 1

Wes Anderson is one of my favorite modern directors.  Rushmore is in my opinion his best film, not only because its wonderful, but it was filmed in Houston (which is where I live).

The Rushmore school is actually St. John's school.  Wes Anderson picked this location because it was where he went to school.  Sadly, there has been major construction since 1998, and none of the buildings look the same.  Yet another reason why I should have done this 10 years ago when I first thought about it.

As you can see new buildings have been added.

Here is where Max first meets Mr. Blume.

Aside from some new windows, the chapel has not changed much.

This is from the same scene.

The courtyard area is now a parking lot.

Here is the circular drive that appears in a few scenes.

and currently

Here is the barber shop Max's Father owns.

It actually was and still is a barber shop.

After Max is expelled from Rushmore he attends Grover Cleveland High School.

Grover Cleveland is actually Lamar High Sch…

Tales From The College Program: Wait, Wait, RUN!

Greeting Boils and Ghouls (See what I did there?)

A little recap for those of you just joining us.  I was in the WDW College Program in 2003, I worked on Pleasure Island at The Missing Link Sausage Company, and I had no car.

I would say that for most CP's the bus system was not too bad.  The schedule was not bad, and if you worked with other CP's you could try and catch a ride with them.  The Pleasure Island bus was not that way though.  I said before that Vista Way was across I-4 from Pleasure Island, so it was literally a 5 minute drive.  The "F" bus that I took to get to work on my first day took 45 minutes!  It stopped at the other apartment complex then at The Crossroads (which is a strip mall across from the DTD entrance).  It took less time to ride the bus to The Magic Kingdom, but that was the least of my problems.

The bus ride home is where all the trouble came from.  I would get out of work anywhere from 1:30 am to 2:30 am.  1:30 was the earliest we could g…