Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogger Appreciation Day

January 2008 is when my profile says this blog was created.  Back then I wrote a few well thought out posts, but no one read them so I eventually stopped.  I started using my site as a place to keep links for all of the other sites I visited.  A year or so later I decided to start it back up.  This was after I had visited Marceline Missouri and thought other people might like to see Walt's home town.

Shortly after I received an email from George over at Imaginerding.  He told me he wanted to include one of my posts in his "Geek-End Update."  I was pretty excited, here was a guy with a real blog who wanted to share my blog with other people!  I then made it my goal to try and write something worthy of the Geek-End Update every week (and I succeeded more than I thought I would).

Another one of my favorite sites is Imagineering Disney, and like Imaginerding I would consider them a much more legitimate site than mine.  So, imagine my surprise when the gang  has my little blog listed under their friends!  Not only that, but they also tweet links to my posts to all of their followers! (Seriously, these 2 sites double my views when they share links!)

Thats what this post is about.  Saying thank you to not only the 2 sites mentioned above, but to everyone who reads this little blog.  I appreciate all the views, follow, and comments (shout out to my frequent commenters: TokyoMagic, Daveland, and Disney renegade Hoot Gibson).  I am going to start paying it forward and tweeting links to great posts too.  There are a ton of Disney related blogs out there and I really appreciate everyone who takes time out of there day to look at mine!


  1. I love your blog. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Thanks!

    I still think you have one of the best titles for a blog (well, besides Imaginerding)! I hope people get the reference.

  3. Thanks Nate!

    GT- As long as one person gets it I'm happy.

  4. I also love your blog! I can't remember now how I first found might have been from Imaginerding's "Geek-End Update".

    Keep up the great work! (And thanks for the shout-out!)

  5. Thanks back to you, too - I always enjoy reading your posts (and not just the Disney-related ones).