Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Epcot Phone Booth

First off, there will be some kind of wedding trip report this week, but until then read this post.  While in Epcot last week, my new wife wanted to have her picture taken in the phone booth outside the England Pavilion in Epcot.  I crammed her, my sister, and my cousin in the booth and took a shot.

I stepped in to have my picture taken when the phone started ringing.  I answered it not knowing what to expect, until I heard a little girls voice.

Kid: Hello
Me: Hello?
Kid: My name is (random kid name I forgot) what's yours?
Me: Donnie, nice to meet you (random kid name I forgot)
Me:  Where are you from?
Kid: Hold on..............(asking parents)  Fort Worth
Me:  Wow, I'm from Texas too,  do you know where you are calling?
Kid:  Yes, the phone booth in Epicot. (Yes, she said Epicot)
Me:  How did you get this number?
Kid: Let me ask my mom, I'll call you back.

So, I hung up and waited a minute and the phone rang again.  She gave me a web address where I could find the number, but I really could not understand what she was saying so I thanked her and we hung up.

I did a google search and found the numbers, here they are:


Now, go call England and freak out the guests who are brave enough to answer. 


  1. I called both numbers and got fax line sounds - booooo

  2. I think that's what happens when it's in use or off the hook, happened to me once so I called the other and it worked. Keep trying!!

  3. Haha. Too funny. I was in UK yesterday taking pictures with my daughters when the phones rang. My daughter wouldn't answer it so I did. The girl on the other line told me she was Cinderella and we had a brief conversation. I figured someone with a cell phone was sitting close by having a good laugh. What a coincidence.

  4. Haha, so funny that you posted this!

    I recently came back from Disney, and on the last evening we were there, after Illuminations, myself and my girlfriend's son sat on a bench across from the phones and called them every time someone walked by. It was great to mess with people!

    If no one answers after a bit, you WILL get that fax sound. So just try again!

    Also, for reference, the two numbers you posted are for the booths themselves. The number for the unboothed phone in the middle is:

    Also, if you want to call the Canadian phone, that one is:

  5. I want to call the Epcot England phone booth from the phone booth inside Club 33 at Disneyland. That would be very metta.

  6. Just called today and It was super fun! I highly recomend that you do it in the park and just sit on a bench cover your face and watch people react to the booths!!