Walt in Kansas City

Well since tomorrow is Walt Disney's birthday I better make this post about him.  If you have read my previous post you know that I spent a rainy afternoon in Marceline Missouri.  What you do not know is that I spent that morning in Kansas City visiting Walt Disney landmarks as well.

Here is the house the Disney's lived in on Bellefontaine Ave.

As many of you might know, Walt made his first cartoons in a garage behind this house.  I did some research before my trip and saw that there was an alley behind Bellefontaine that would lead me to the garage!  The only problem was this wasn't the nicest neighborhood and some people were already standing on their porches staring at me taking pictures of a house.  I decided that I probably wasn't going to be in Kansas City again any time soon so I let them stare and I turned the corner and headed down the alley.

A car stopped and the woman inside asked me if i had been taking pictures of the house.  "That's my grandmas house." she said.  My mom who was with me (we were driving to a wedding in Omaha when I made her detour to all my Disney destinations) told the woman that I was a big fan of Walt Disney and had wanted to see the house.  The woman was very nice and a fellow Houstonian, so after a little chit chat she drove away and we were heading down the street towards the alley.

To get to the alley we had to walk past an auto repair shop where some shady looking guys were standing around.  My mom suggested we get the car and just drive down the alley, but as we turned around we heard someone yell "Ya'll lookin' for Walt Disney?"  We turned around and yelled back to him that we were.  He yelled back "Well come on, it's right back in this alley, you wanna see the garage?"

At this point I felt a lot like Karen in Goodfellas when Robert Di Nero's character is telling her he has some fur's for her down an alley and she runs off terrified.  I'm no Karen so I walked towards the alley and the repair shop.  Turns out the guys were very friendly and walked down the alley with me to see the shed as well.  He had just learned that Walt Disney had lived in the house.  I asked him if a lot of people came to look at the shed, he said no....

So here it is, Walt Disney first studio still standing in all it's glory.  Built by Elias Disney himself!


Check out my flickr for more pictures of the house and garage.

More post about Walt Disney landmarks to come.  We still have some left from Kansas City , Marceline, and a few from LA.

Happy Birthday Walt!


  1. Wow, what a great post! Thank you for sharing your "Walt" adventures!

  2. Awesome story! Did you get little misty-eyed? I am afraid that I would...

  3. Thanks! It was definitely awe-inspiring to see so many places that helped shape Walt Disney in one day.

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