Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fantasyland Expansion Model

This photo just surfaced.  Claims to be a leaked photo of the new Fantasyland Expansion.

Personally I wish they'd just leave it alone, but with John Lasseter working on it I'm sure it will be good.

Here is the source: http://www.attractionsmagazine.com/blog/2010/01/26/large-photo-leaked-of-tabletop-model-for-fantasylands-makeover/ (thank Dan Chan for the news.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mystery of Walt's Desk.

Remember this picture from my last post?

I promised to tell you the story behind it so here it is:

This display case used to house Walt Disney's second grade desk.  How do they know it was his you ask?  Well young Walt carved his initials into it.  Now if you have been to "One Man's Dream" in Disney's Hollywood Studios I know what your thinking. "Yeah so what i've seen that desk in person"  and here it is:

                                                              (www.flickr.com/photos/ruckitup/2888426551/ )

I have been to One Man's Dream hundreds of times and there was always something that bothered me about this desk.  You cannot see it in the above photo but there is a picture of Walt with his desk pointing at his handy work.  What's strange about this is that the desk on display while it does have the W.D. carved into it is not in the same place.  There are also markings on the desk in Walt's photo that do not appear on the display desk.

So you can imagine my surprise when I when I walk into Walt Disney's Home Town Museum in Marceline Missouri and see Walt Disney's second grade desk on display!  How is Walt's desk in two places at once?  The answer is simple, the Florida desk is an impostor.  It makes me wonder what else in One Man's Dream is a fake.  Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the Home Town Museum so I could not document this Pulitzer prize worthy story.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.  Or you can make a trip to Marceline and see the actual desk for yourself!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walt Disney Elementary: Home of the....... Fighting Walts?

I know that a lot of states have elementary schools named after Walt Disney, but I doubt all of them have a Mickey Mouse tiled entryway.

I am speaking of course about Walt Disney Elementary in Marceline Missouri.  The lone volunteer working Walt Disney's hometown museum told me that the school has Disney characters painted all over the place and it would be no problem for me to go in and take pictures (if the school was still open).  Im from Texas and if I showed up at an elementary school with a camera id probably be arrested.....

Unfortunately by the time I arrived at the school it was closed.  So all my pictures were taken through windows.  They even have a picture of Walt ready to greet students as they come through the main entrance.  See the empty display case below?  Well remember it because it will be the topic of a later post.

Check out the schools flag pole!  Walt was the head of pageantry for the 1960 Olympics and he donated the Olympic flag pole to the school.

So there you have it, a mini tour of Walt Disney Elementary School in Marceline Missouri.  If only they were known as The Fighting Walts.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freeze-a-thon weekend.

Last weekend must have been the coldest in Florida history.  It was so cold that iguanas were freezing and falling out of trees.  People were taking them from the middle of roads and putting them in the grass so when they sprang back to life when it warmed up they wouldn't be in the middle of the street.

So Saturday morning myself and 8 other members of my family woke up to 29 degree weather at 4 am....did I mention it was also sleeting.  For 6 of us it was out first half marathon.

To be honest it was not that bad running in the sleet since it just bounced off of you. A few miles into the run the sleet turned into rain which wasn't as fun.  I did finish though at 2:57:46 which I consider pretty good for my first half marathon.  Check out the medal!