The Mystery of Walt's Desk.

Remember this picture from my last post?

I promised to tell you the story behind it so here it is:

This display case used to house Walt Disney's second grade desk.  How do they know it was his you ask?  Well young Walt carved his initials into it.  Now if you have been to "One Man's Dream" in Disney's Hollywood Studios I know what your thinking. "Yeah so what i've seen that desk in person"  and here it is:

                                                              ( )

I have been to One Man's Dream hundreds of times and there was always something that bothered me about this desk.  You cannot see it in the above photo but there is a picture of Walt with his desk pointing at his handy work.  What's strange about this is that the desk on display while it does have the W.D. carved into it is not in the same place.  There are also markings on the desk in Walt's photo that do not appear on the display desk.

So you can imagine my surprise when I when I walk into Walt Disney's Home Town Museum in Marceline Missouri and see Walt Disney's second grade desk on display!  How is Walt's desk in two places at once?  The answer is simple, the Florida desk is an impostor.  It makes me wonder what else in One Man's Dream is a fake.  Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the Home Town Museum so I could not document this Pulitzer prize worthy story.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.  Or you can make a trip to Marceline and see the actual desk for yourself!


  1. Are you sure it was in two places at once? Maybe Walt's Desk has a TARDIS...

    I have also heard that they cannot confirm that it is Walt's desk.

  2. Yeah. The woman at the museum said the same thing. That Walt did not remember doing it but said he could have....

  3. Hmmmm. Interesting! I did a post in December about the actual bench that Walt sat on in Griffith Park while dreaming about building Disneyland (it's now in the Opera House on Main St.) I wondered the same do they know that was the EXACT same bench? Now if Walt went up there and aquired the bench himself years ago, then maybe I'd believe the story, But they don't tell you how long that bench has been in the company's possesion or how it was aquried, so now your story has caused me to have some doubt.


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