Walt Disney Post Office

We are back in Marceline this week for a look at the Walt Disney Post Office.

According to my Marceline pamphlet: In 1968 the US Postal Department issued the Walt Disney commemorative stamp from this site.  The entire Disney family attended this event along with thousands of dedicated Disney fans.

Oh you don't believe me?  Well do you believe plaques?

Oh that plaque doesn't look "official" enough for you.  Well how is this:

Gosh you people are are hard to please.....


  1. They really underestimated demand for those stamps. They had to increase production from 120,000 to over 150 million?! Wow.

  2. Another great Walt Disney post! You can see that commemorative stamp as well as a Marceline postmark from the date of issue in my post from September 11, 2009....41 years after the stamp was released: http://meettheworldinprogressland.blogspot.com/2009/09/walt-disney-commemorative-stamp-1968.html


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