The Disney's Marceline Home.

 This is the house the Disney Family lived in while they were in Marceline.

It is actually the first thing you see as you drive into town.  Sorry this photo is blurry.  By this time I was completely soaked from running through the rain all afternoon and the Disney house is on the main road leading into town so I really had no place to stop.  The people who bought the house have added onto it.  The Disney's lived in the small section consisting of the two windows, everything to the right was added on.

Behind the house is where the Walt's Dreaming Tree and the Disney barn is.  I blogged about those here, in case you missed it.

This is the end of my Marceline Adveture.  I think I've shown you just about everything Disney related the town has to offer.  I did come across a few more Main Street pictures though, and I will post those later.


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