"I love that story"

A while back I bought a 1953 Schwinn Flying Star.  My objective was to clean all of the rust off of it, repaint it, and transform it into a Pee Wee Herman bike.  Well I am at a point now where the bike itself is done and all I need to do is find as many Pee Wee accessories as I can and hand make the rest.  I follow Pee Wee on twitter so I decided to send him a picture of my bike. He is taking his stage show to Broadway so I sent the picture and said "In case you need a ride to NY."  Well Pee Wee retweeted it!!!!  AHHHHH.  Don't believe me?  Here's a screen shot.


  1. Congrats Donnie - how about posting a pic of your bike? I promise not share it with Fran-cis!

  2. will do, as long as it doesn't wind up in the basement of The Alamo.


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