Tales From The College Program: Fast Pass Scam

When I arrived in Florida to start my College Program with Disney I was dumb enough to think that i'd be given some kind of pass that would let me skip the lines (well hoping for one at least).  I soon found out that Cast Members had to wait in line with every one else.  My new mission was to find a way around that.  The solution was acquiring Fast Passes.  This was back in 2003 when Cast Member's did not pay attention to the tiny date printed on the bottom of the pass.  Here are the ways I collected:

1. Ripping off the Fast Pass Machine:  If you know how to do this, good for you (if not...sorry).  This was somewhat complicated because you needed 2 to 3 people to pull it off.  One look out, one guy to do the deed and one guy to catch all the passes that were going to shoot out.

2. Asking a fellow CP for a rider switch pass: Instead of just asking for multiple Fast Passes the best thing to do was ask a Cast Member for a rider switch which would get you and 3 friends on.  This was also complicated because most CM's do not go to the parks on there days off and will look at you like an idiot for wasting your day off.  You also have to ask a fellow CP (College Program).  This is because most full time Cast Members hate CP's and will tell you no.  The third problem is that after weeks of asking the same CP's for Rider Switch's they'll get tired of hooking you up.

3. The Locker Room: Have you ever noticed what CM's do with Fast Passes after you turn them in?  They either throw them in a bin or shove a stack in their pockets.  They'll eventually forget about the giant stack in their pockets until it's quitting time.  As they change into their street clothes they will remember about the Fast Passes they had been shoving in their pockets all day and instead of throwing them away they will simply drop them on the bench in the locker room.  So, on my trips to the Magic Kingdom I would enter the utilidor and go straight to the Men's Locker Room where I would collect all of the discarded Fast Passes.

I ended up with Fast Passes from all the parks and had multiple passes for every ride on property.  Aside from all the Peter Pan's in the above photo this is all I have left.

It was a good little system I had going.....


  1. This is hilarious! I think I know the trick for ripping off the machine... however when we tried it on our last WDW trip and our trip to DL, it didn't work. I wonder if they found out and fixed it so you can't do it anymore?!?

  2. I think the Dl machines are too smart for the trick. Im surprised that DL and WDW have different kinds of fast pass machines.

  3. Do you still have any of these old Fastpasses? Specifically for the attractions that no longer use Fastpass like Haunted Mansion, Muppetvision 3D, PhilharMagic and the defunct Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    If so, I'd be willing to buy some from you - you can e-mail me at WDWFanBoysPodcast@gmail.com


  4. i was also wondering if you were willing to sell any of them...just one of each or of a select few would be great...you can email me at kk410@juno.com


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