Lyric Ave.

Let's visit another one of Walt's houses. Walt bought this house as a kit and had all the parts delivered.  I hate trying to put toy models together, imagine a model the size of a house being dropped on your property. (Not that Walt had any part in putting it together)

Now from the other side....

What's even better about this is that Roy lived next door!

(Maybe that's his BMW...)

Walt and Roy lived in these houses during the 20's and 30's.  Walt moved out in 1933 to his much larger home on Woking Way.  These houses are only a few blocks away from where the old Hyperion Studio was. They're also very close to the original Disney Brothers Studio and Uncle Robert's house. In fact I drove past and recognized Walt's house (which is on the corner) as I was driving to Uncle Robert's.


  1. Nice!

    We need to have you come to the next Sweatbox that we do about Disney and Hollywood!


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