Friday, August 27, 2010

Walt Disney: Public Menace

Look at this picture:

Cute right? Good ol' Walt Disney playfully sticking up a stage coach full of kids at Disneyland.  You know why he's grinning like that?  I'l tell you, this isn't the first time Walt has pulled a gun on someone.  

Hopefully those kids made out better than this guy: 

Yup, there it is.  Walt Disney beating an unidentified man senseless with the back of a gun on a roof top.  Don't forget Walt was born in Chicago, birthplace of organized crime in American.  We all know Elias moved the Disney's out of Chicago in 1906 to escape all of the big city crime.  Was this the truth or was he moving 5 year old Walt away from his childhood gang?

Well, after spending a few years in Marceline away from all of his gangster friends Elias thought it was safe to move the family back to the city, and this is what happened.....

Alright, this is obviously a joke, here is the whole picture:

Hey, we still don't know who this guy is though.  It kind of looks like Ub.  Maybe Walt enjoyed watching himself beat people up?  Maybe he just needed to make this guy an offer he couldn't refuse..


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walt: Backstage Adventures With Walt Disney

How about a book review:

Has anyone else read this book?  When Amazon suggested it to me a while back I did not buy it right away because I hated the cover (sorry, I judge books that way).  The author, Charles Show was a script writer for the Disney company and the book contains many stories about his time with Walt.  It also contains some stories that I found very puzzling.

The first story that had me scratching my head was one he told about the Fire House Five Plus Two.  He says the creator and leader of the FHF was a man named Fred then goes on to say "I call him that because his real name was Luke."  He tells a story about how Fred/Luke loved trains and had spotted an old windmill on someone's property and tried to buy it from them.  Well first of all the only train loving leader of the FHF I know of is Ward Kimball, so why call him Fred/Luke?  So I thought well he obviously was not at this windmill purchase attempt so maybe he just threw it in the book to fill pages and he did not know Ward's actual name?  Or, maybe Fred/Luke was a joke between him and Ward.  If so isn't it a bad idea to throw inside jokes into a book like this? Either way he would have met Ward Kimball at some point because in the book Show's claims to have written the scripts for all of the Space Programs for the Disneyland TV show.  Episodes that were hosted by Ward Kimball (and in other books Kimball claims to have been assigned to take charge of by Walt himself).

Later in the book he discusses Disneyland.  Show's talks about how he heard Walt was going to build an old steam train and a monorail in an orange grove and wondering how he was going to pull it off.  He also talks about sneaking down and looking at the models for the Matterhorn before the park opened.  Well obviously he has his dates confused since the Matterhorn and the Monorail did not open until 1959.  Maybe he was old when he wrote this book and forgot that fact, but again would it have killed him to fact check?

Maybe I'm just nit picking but if I spotted these two fairly large mistakes casually reading this book who's to say how many more there are?  And how am I supposed to believe all of the other stories in the book?  I have a hard time believing he ran into Humphrey Bogart at a bar and Bogey punched one of his friends in the face....

If anyone else has read this book I'd love to know how you felt about it.  It was a pretty good read but I feel like the author wrote it to make a quick buck off of the name Walt Disney.