Hanna Barbera Land: Attractions

Back to my 1985 birthday at Hanna Barbera Land.  Check out the Paddle Boats.

That's me in Quick Draw McGraw and the rest of my gang in Snagglepuss.

It looks like Huckleberry Hound might be waaaay back there.

I would love to know what happened to these Carousel characters.

So we have Yogi, Scooby, Dino, and.....Train Car?

I have one more batch of photos from the birthday bash.  Next up characters in the park!


  1. Some lucky bastard probably has that Yogi chair in his living room.

  2. right beside his Mr. Toad car.

  3. The train car had Fred as a conductor/ticket taker on the back.

  4. At California's Great America they used to have that carousel maybe that's where they went. But sadly they got rid of the carousel and the whole Hanna Barbara overlay.


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