Friday, April 30, 2010

Fool me once.....

Well the mystery of "Guy, Metcalf, Connecticut" has been solved:

So all week I kept thinking to myself Guy, Metcalf, Connecticut, how do I know this guy?  It sounded so familiar was I going crazy?  Then in a "Lost" style flash back I remembered "Wait, I am Guy Metcalf Connecticut!"  Is your mind blown? Well get ready for round 2.

You may (but most likely do not) remember a post I did a while back about a special thank you to Walt Disney in the Hitchcock film Sabotage.  I emailed D23 asking if Walt and Hitchcock had known each other.  Well, flash forward to a few months ago when I wanted to find the source of my "Did Walt Disney suggest renovations to a hotel manager in San Antonio" question.  I thought maybe they will recognize my email address or name and not answer my question, so I created an alias.  I decided since my last question had been about Hitchcock, maybe a Hitchcock character could ask my next one.

I decided on Guy Haines from Strangers on a Train.  His hometown in the film was Metcalf Connecticut.  I guess after the months of waiting I totally forgot about my alias.  I had not only succeeded in fooling D23, I had also fooled myself!

It gets even worse though because I have an autographed Strangers on a Train picture of Farley Granger the actor who played Guy Haines.

What a week.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who is this "Guy"

Has anyone else heard this story:  Walt Disney is in San Antonio Texas eating in a hotel restaurant.  The place is empty and Walt looks around and thinks it is because the place look uninviting.  So he draws up some ideas of how to spruce the place up and calls for the manager.  Walt tells the manager his plans and guarantees him that "If you build it they will come" (not his exact words).  So the manager renovates the places per Walt's instructions and just like Walt said they customers came.  

I'm pretty sure I read this in a book, but my sister claims to have heard it while on a ghost tour of San Antonio.  Well I wrote to D23 and asked them 1. If it was true and 2. Where had I read this.  Well after months of an answer not appearing on the D23 site I just emailed Dave Smith directly.  I was going to San Antonio and wanted to check the place out.  Well he emailed me back and said he had never heard the story and that he had to record of Walt ever going to San Antonio.

Well last week what do I see on the D23 site:

Last time I checked my name was not Guy and I did not live in Connecticut.  Is it possible that I have a twin living in Metcalf?  I had a great grandfather named Guy on my Dad's side of the family who died before I was born.  Is this a question from beyond the grave?????

Anyway if you're familiar with this story and have any information on it let me know.  I want to see this restaurant!

Friday, April 23, 2010

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

I figured today I would post some pictures of one of the best attractions Walt Disney World has ever had.

Of course I am speaking of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.  Even though the Disneyland  Submarine Voyage was basically the same thing the Walt Disney World version was much better because we had actual Nautilus subs!

Check out the inside

Back in 1988 when all of these pictures were taken I was waiting patiently in line to ride.  Sadly the group ahead of us filled the sub so we were going to have to wait for the next one.  Being the adorable child that  I was the cast member let me wear his hat until the next sub arrived.  I woke up the next morning with head lice.  Okay that last part wasn't true but I did get to wear the hat.

Check out those collapsable kitty cat shades!

Sadly this awesome attraction is long gone and in it's place is a Winnie The Pooh play area.  Why does Pooh have to take over all of my favorite attractions?  Luckily that waste of space will be gone soon enough, but we'll still never get to see this again.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walt Disney Post Office

We are back in Marceline this week for a look at the Walt Disney Post Office.

According to my Marceline pamphlet: In 1968 the US Postal Department issued the Walt Disney commemorative stamp from this site.  The entire Disney family attended this event along with thousands of dedicated Disney fans.

Oh you don't believe me?  Well do you believe plaques?

Oh that plaque doesn't look "official" enough for you.  Well how is this:

Gosh you people are are hard to please.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2719 Hyperion Ave.

About a mile from Walt's Woking Way home is another Disney landmark.  The old Disney Studio at 2719 Hyperion Ave.  Let's take a drive.

I wonder who that handsome fellow is....

Now all we have to do is take a right and we will be at 2719, the site of the old Disney Studio.......

Gelson Market!!!! What!  That's right kids the old Disney studio was torn down and is now a grocery store.

Here is a shot of the studio back in Walt's time (I stole this pic from here)

There's a million more Disney landmarks within a mile of the old studio so i'll start posting those soon.