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The Lilly Belle

In September 2010 and I brought my Lilly Belle ticket to City Hall to see if I can actually use it to ride in the private train car.  Now, I thought they would just sign it and I'd be on my way.  Even if you have a ticket and the Lilly Belle is running you have to set up a time to ride it.  A Cast Member had to call the station and set up a time when an extra Engineer/Conductor would be available to ride with me and my family.  Luckily my tickets were good, she filled them out and all I had to do now was wait until my designated time. 4:00 finally came around and it was time for our ride.  Here is what the Lilly Belle looks like from the outside. Here's an inside shot: I always heard that the inside of the Lilly Belle was furnished with things from Walt's apartment.  Our Cast Member told us that the chair (at the bottom left) and the carpet were the only things he had heard came from Walt's apartment.  Let's take a look at this picture from Na

The Pee-wee Herman Show!

What a break! It's been so long kids.  Let's do this! I flew to New York over the break to see the Pee-wee Herman Show and it was amazing!  The show ended January 2nd but not to worry (if you missed it) because HBO is taping it later this week and will be airing it soon! The show was great, he took his original stage show from the 80's and added all characters from Pee-wee's playhouse (well most of them, sorry Floory fans).  The show was at the Stephen Sondheim Theater, half a block away from Times Square. I went to the theater early to take some pictures and to find the stage door so I could wait after the show to meet Pee-wee.  I had my girlfriend ask the box office if they had any sort of "meet and greet" opportunities available.  The guy looked at us like we asked if we could kill his dog.  He snootily told us he did not even know what a meet and greet was (obviously the name implies nothing). I decided to take my chance at the stage d