The Lilly Belle

In September 2010 and I brought my Lilly Belle ticket to City Hall to see if I can actually use it to ride in the private train car.  Now, I thought they would just sign it and I'd be on my way.  Even if you have a ticket and the Lilly Belle is running you have to set up a time to ride it.  A Cast Member had to call the station and set up a time when an extra Engineer/Conductor would be available to ride with me and my family.  Luckily my tickets were good, she filled them out and all I had to do now was wait until my designated time.

4:00 finally came around and it was time for our ride.  Here is what the Lilly Belle looks like from the outside.

Here's an inside shot:

I always heard that the inside of the Lilly Belle was furnished with things from Walt's apartment.  Our Cast Member told us that the chair (at the bottom left) and the carpet were the only things he had heard came from Walt's apartment.  Let's take a look at this picture from National Geographic of Walt in his apartment.

Maybe Walt had the carpet replaced after this picture was taken...?
Maybe he purchased the chair after this picture was taken...?

One thing he knew for sure though was that the coat hanging on the wall was donated by Lillian Disney herself (It was one of hers not Walt's)

Here's a few more pictures of random things inside.

We decided this was a shade placed in front of the window to block the sun.

Thank God this was here or I would have had to spit all over the floor...

Even though it may or may not be Walt's chair I still had to sit in it.

If you want to ride the Lilly Belle my advice is go to City Hall and ask.  Apparently if you know enough about the car to ask and show general interest in a ride a Cast Member will usually hook you up. It's much easier than spending $110....


  1. Donnie - You don't even need to go to City Hall. Just asking one of the cast members at Main Street Station is good enough. It all depends on if they have enough staff to spare one to ride with you, as riding the Lilly Belle means a full-circle stopping anyplace else. I hope you were allowed to keep your tickets after the ride!

  2. Dave - thanks for the tip. They didn't even ask to see my ticket! I just walked up there and said I had a reservation and he said "OK, come aboard."

    Let that be a lesson to you kids just pretend you belong and no one will ask questions.

  3. I'm "assuming" you know that you can do the same thing with the Mark Twain; just get up to the wheelhouse and ask if you can drive the Twain.

  4. Another note... The "shade" was actually used in Victorian homes to protect women's faces from the heat of the fireplace. Its presence in the Lilly Belle is a pretty random example of "hey, this looks old timey, let's put it in there".

    Riding in the Lilly Belle was one of my favorite experiences of my last trip to Disneyland. You just cannot beat riding in a plush Victorian coach through ancient prehistoric swamps ^_^

  5. That's awesome, this looks old. let's throw it in there....

  6. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! How totally amazingly awesome!


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