Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motor/Boater Mania !

When I was a kid, I loved riding the ferry to The Magic Kingdom.  Not because it's just as fast as the Monorail (I love this lie the Cast Members try to tell you when the Monorail line is long).  I loved the ferry because you could watch Donald Duck and Goofy ski!

Does anyone know when they stopped doing this?

I cant remember the last time I saw it...

Check out Goofy's swimsuit, and the shirtless driver (Captain?).

I tried skiing once when I was a kid, the result was me getting pulled underwater for what seemed like forever.  These costumes must have been made differently than the park characters, I can't imagine falling off the skis and feeling your costume soak up water and sink you like an anchor.

When I was in the College Program (A topic I plan on discussing soon) they would have a few parties a year where the characters would show up.  The craziest thing was Mickey and the gang would all be in their swim suits and would actually swim in the pool!  The first time I saw it my mind was blown.

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