Walt Disney's Guide to Disneyland 1958: Part 1

I love these old Walt Disney's Guide to Disneyland.  I have a couple, the oldest being 1958.  I scanned the entire book a long time ago, but never got around to posting it.  The book is almost 30 pages, so I'll chop it up into 3 posts.  Here we go!

I like this "almost" Tink, look for her again on page 3.

I wish I was one of those kids!

Seatbelts?  We're already in Hell!  I think I'll wear a suit next time I go to the park.


  1. I miss the ice cream parlor on Main St. They ruined that space back in the nineties by putting the bakery in there.

    I wonder if anyone ever fell out of one of the Toad cars before they had lap bars? It had to have happened at some point, huh?

  2. There's no way at least one person didn't fall out of Toad, or jump out during the ride.

  3. I think everyone should fall out of a Disneyland ride at least once in their lives. Nothing serious now. Don't want anyone getting hurt. But they'd have to stop the ride, turn on the lights. And we could all snapped some pictures then. Just kidding of course.

    Just found your blog. Fun stuff.

  4. I love it when the rides shut down midstream....a photographer's dream! This is one of my fave guidebooks too!


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