Jaws Film Locations: Part 1

My wife works as a life guard on Cape Cod over the summer.  We discussed going to Martha's Vineyard when I came to visit her .  I put my Jaw's dvd in and spent a few days taking screen shots and doing a lot of google mapping.

Let's start with Chief Brodys' walk through town.

Here he is leaving his office.

The building has been slightly remodeled.

Then he reaches the end of the street.

Unfortunately the street was littered with cars, but you get the picture.

Further down the street

There was a plaque on the tree saying it was 100's of years old.

Saying hello to this guy.

This place has had some work done to it.

The Newspaper office.

Has not changed

Here is where some old guy stops him.

Here it is today.

Main Street

The store on the left is where he buys his "beach closed" supplies.  Now it's a convenient store.

He comes out of the store with his supplies.

Someone thought it was a good idea to put a pole in the way.

Then he talks to the Mayor

Here it is today.

There you go, a five minute scene with a lot of great locations you can still visit.  I have about 2 more posts worth of photos, so stay tuned.


  1. FANTASTIC. I love before/after shots of things I loved from childhood. I still love Jaws. I keep telling my wife that Jaws is so much more than a blood bath shark movie. Anyway, great work!

  2. Yeah, it's not all gore like a shark movie today would be. I still love it too.

    Even though Spielberg had nothing to do with part 2, I think it's better than most sequels.

  3. I LOVE this kind of stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do this and also for sharing it with us. Looking forward to more!

    Oh, and I agree with you about Jaws 2!


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