Mystery Location: Update

Here is a picture of me in the early 80's.

This photo really puzzles me.  Where was it taken?  My guess is Main Street because of the large window display, but the tile ground (which I obviously have no problem walking on barefoot) doesn't look familiar.  Maybe Fantasyland?  Where were/are there cement pillars like that?  Anybody know?


Imagineering Disney has found the mystery location!  

Thanks to everyone who helped research!


  1. I would guess on the backside of the castle, where Sir Mickey's is.

  2. Kurt - that area does have a display window and I can see cement pillars fitting over there. You're probably right. I'll take a NOW shot when I'm there in a month.

  3. This is from Disney World in Florida, right? Not Anaheim.

  4. Based on my vintage photos, it is definitely in Fantasyland; could be near the castle, but I'm guessing it's the window of a retail store in Fantasyland.

  5. Now I've wasted my morning looking online for that stinking cement pillar!

    I think I found it, thanks to Google Earth. I believe the pillar visible in the photo is only one part of a four column pillar.

    Here's a crappy view from Google Earth 3D:

  6. That's awesome. I just need to find Alice to take the 26 years later shot!


  7. PS: It looks like you are totally crushing on Alice there. And what are you holding?

  8. You totally should. And take off your shoes and wear a tank top for the "now" shot.

  9. HAHAHA. The item in question was know was "baby doll." It's in most of my childhood photos. I think I arranged some kind of trade with my pre-school where I found it so I could keep it.

  10. HA! Crafty. Then you took it to Disney World. My wife would be eating this up if she was reading. (But she doesn't read Disney blogs).


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