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Tales From The College Program: Ken's Hell Day

My primary role while working for Disney was at The Missing Link Sausage Company on Pleasure Island.  A few days a month I would work at Cirque Du Soleil as a backer for the concession stand cashiers.  The jobs consisted of filling drinks and getting popcorn buckets.  It was very rare that someone from Cirque came to work at the Link.  One day a coworker called in sick and Ken was the unlucky guy who was chosen to fill in.  He would be working with me and Dan (the dream team).

The great thing about working at The Link was the lack of management.  We would come in at 6 and spend an hour getting the restaurant ready for guests.  Right before 7 our manager John would come in, give us the money for the drawer, then go up to his office for a few minutes before heading back to Cirque where he would spend the rest of the night.  We probably wouldn't see him again until almost 1 AM.

The Link was so small that it only needed 2 people working most nights.  Ken came in on a weekend when we needed 3.  We spent a good portion of the night hazing him.  I think we even stuck him on the grill that night. Dan and I were known to have to pretty messy water fights while working.  I'd be up at the register and hear him call me into the back.  No sooner had I left the guests view would I see Dan with a bucket of water flinging it at me.  Our costume pants were black, and our shirts were also so dark and thick that you could be soaking wet and no one would notice (we also wore black hats).  So, Ken spent a good portion of the night soaked.

A few days before this The Link had a new ice machine delivered.  At the time it had not been hooked up yet.  When it was time for me to go on break I told Dan, "In a minute tell Ken to check the new ice machine to see if it was working yet."  While Dan went back up front I put a trash bag inside of the ice bin, climbed inside of it, and closed the lid.  When Ken came back to check on the ice I jumped out just as he was opening the door and scared the crap out of him.  He ran across the room screaming.

Just so you don't think that Dan and I are horrible people, we did let Ken eat whatever leftover food he wanted at the end of the night.  Dan might have even made him his famous "Missing Link Sampler"  which consisted of everything we sold wrapped up in a spinach tortilla.

I had asked Ken earlier in the night how he was getting home, he told us he was taking the bus.  I told him "Don't worry about the bus, you can come home with Dan and I." (Notice how I didn't say ride)  We all lived at Vista Way and as I have explained in previous posts, catching the bus at the end of the night was not easy.  On this night however the timing to take the bus was perfect, but since we had already told Ken he could come with us he ignored it and kept walking through the parking lot.  At some point he noticed that there were no cars to be found and Dan and I were still walking.  He asked "Hey, where is you car?"  I replied "I don't have one."  That's right, Ken was going to walk home with us, and not only walk, he was going to run across I-4.

We took Ken to our spot behind the Hilton where we would jump a fence that would leave us right beside I-4.  There was a tree we used to climb that was easier than hoping the fence on it's own, we let Ken go first.  He broke our tree.  After Dan and I were over, the three of us ran across I-4 with no problem.  From there we just had to get Ken over the much larger, less sturdy fence that surrounded Vista Way.  We eventually made it and Ken's hell day was over.

He told everyone at Cirque about it which really just made Dan and I more popular.  From then on we could go to Cirque and do almost nothing to the amusement of all the other CP's, but that's another story.

Sorry Ken.....


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