Go Ask Dave....

Over the summer I was watching the 1936 Hitchcock Film "Sabotage."  During the opening credits I was shocked to see a full screen thank you to Walt Disney.  Seeing as how I love Walt and Hitch I was curious to see what had brought the two of them together.  I won't give you the entire plot line but it surrounds a theater owner who is also a saboteur.  Towards the end of the film we see people in the theater watching and an animated short, which happens to be Walt Disney's Silly Symphony "Who Killed Cock Robin."

(screen shot stolen from here:moviegoings.wordpress.com/ page/15/)

It really got me thinking "Were Hitchcock and Walt Disney friends/ fans of each others work?"  Well I knew there was only one person to ask and that was Dave Smith.  Dave Smith is head of the Walt Disney archives and probably knows more about Disney History than anyone.  I submitted my question to him via the "Ask Dave" section of the D23 website.  I had pretty much given up my hopes of him answering my question until last Friday.  I enjoy "Ask Dave" so I check it regularly, and wouldn't you know this week he answered my question!

So there it is, sadly we don't know is Hitch and Walt were friends or fans of each other.  We do know that this is not the last time their paths will cross, but i'll save that for another entry.....


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