Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exhibit B:

This is my Schwinn Flying Star that I am turning into a Pee Wee Herman bike.  When I bought this it was pretty rusty and disgusting so I've spent months sanding it down and painting it.  I still need to build the saddle bags for the back (If anyone has a clue about doing that i'd appreciate some advice).  As well as a few more odds and ends.

If you remember the bike from the movie you will notice that I do not have the same siren as Pee Wee. His looks like this:

Believe me I have tried to find this siren, and I have twice.  It sells for over $1,000 on ebay and Im not ready to drop that much cash on a bike siren right now.

My favorite accessory by far though is the compass, which the  majority of Pee Wee bikes I have seen usually leave out.

Here's a top view for ya.

I have a few more shots of the bike on my Flickr.

I'll leave you with this one though...

Now I just need to save up for a Delorean.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

"I love that story"

Well kids this has nothing to do with Disney so hold onto your hats.

Many months ago I bough a 1953 Schwinn Flying Star.  My objective was to clean all of the rust off of it, repaint it, and transform it into a Pee Wee Herman bike.  Well I am at a point now where the bike itself is done and all I need to do is find as many Pee Wee accessories as I can and hand make the rest.  I follow Pee Wee on twitter so I decided to send him a picture of my bike. He is taking his stage show to Broadway so I sent the picture and said "In case you need a ride to NY."  Well Pee Wee retweeted it!!!!  AHHHHH.  Don't believe me?  Here's a screen shot.

I'll post something Disney related this week to get us back on track.  The title of this blog is a Pee Wee reference though so I had to share this.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Disney's Marceline Home.

 This is the house the Disney Family lived in while they were in Marceline.

It is actually the first thing you see as you drive into town.  Sorry this photo is blurry.  By this time I was completely soaked from running through the rain all afternoon and the Disney house is on the main road leading into town so I really had no place to stop.  The people who bought the house have added onto it.  The Disney's lived in the small section consisting of the two windows, everything to the right was added on.

Behind the house is where the Walt's Dreaming Tree and the Disney barn is.  I blogged about those here, in case you missed it.

This is the end of my Marceline Adveture.  I think I've shown you just about everything Disney related the town has to offer.  I did come across a few more Main Street pictures though, and I will post those later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Main Street Marceline

How about we take a stroll down Main Street USA in Marceline this week?  I always hear people say "Main Street USA is based on Main Street in Walt's home town of Marceline Missouri."  Well, as you can see this really is not the case.  That doesn't make it any less awesome though.

Marceline's Main Street is actually N. Kansas Ave.  The few blocks that run though down town have been renamed "Main Street USA."

Check this out, they even have an Emporium.  Just like in the parks!

I wish I could park my mini-van at the Magic Kingdom's Emporium so I wouldn't have to take all my souvenirs on the monorail.....

And here's the old Uptown Theater!

You can't go 5 minutes in Marceline without seeing something dedicated to Walt Disney or hearing a train.

You can tell that Marceline is responsible for Walt's love of trains.  Like I said before a train runs through this town every 5 minutes.  The Walt Disney Home Town Museum is even in the old train station.

(And in case you're wondering this train was never part of the Disneyland Rail Road.)