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Motor/Boater Mania!

When I was a kid, I loved riding the ferry to The Magic Kingdom.  Not because it's just as fast as the Monorail (I love this lie the Cast Members try to tell you when the Monorail line is long).  I loved the ferry because you could watch Donald Duck and Goofy ski!

Does anyone know when they stopped doing this?
I cant remember the last time I saw it...

Check out Goofy's swimsuit, and the shirtless driver (Captain?).

Magic Kingdom: 1979

My Dad grew up in Florida about 2 hours from Walt Disney World.  He said the place was pretty dead during the 70's.  All of these pictures were taken in 1979.  Here he is on the carousel.

Nice shirt, is that a ticket book in his pocket?

I miss the skyway.

Have you ever seen the track so empty?

I had a much better Electrical Parade picture but it refused to upload.

This is the only parade I enjoy watching, the soundtrack is amazing! 

Epcot Center: World of Motion

When you think about 80's Epcot most people go straight for Horizons.  Why not, it was an imagineering marvel, but let's not forget about it's next door neighbor, World of Motion.

It's my understanding that WOM closed because the sponsor wanted something different.  I can understand that, people do not flock to Walt Disney World every year to see hundreds of Audio Animatronics telling you the hilarious history of transportation.  I know that when I drive 15 hours to Florida the first thing I do when I get inside Epcot's gates is think "Boy,  I sure miss sitting in my car."  That's when I run as fast as I can to Test Track where I can experience what it's like to go 60 miles an hour in a car!

There are about a zillion things that made Epcot Center amazing, one of my favorites is the logo's they had for each attraction.  Here is WOM's:

WOM was full of visual gags because it was worked on by Imagineer extraordinaire Marc Davis and my boy Ward…

Epcot Center : Journey Into Imagination

My plan for this week is to post pictures of Epcot Center.  I really miss that name, and all the awesomeness that was 1980's Epcot.

First, Journey Into Imagination!

The current version of this attraction is just embarrassing. Bring back Dream Finder!

You can still see part of Dream Finders machine inside the Mouse Gear Store.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Epcot Disney set up a small exhibit in one of Epcot's many unused spaces.  On display was this model.

On rare occasions you can find Figment in the park (and by rare I mean almost never).

In the 80's you could meet Dream Finder himself!

(You will never see a crowd like that outside the JII pavilion today)