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Rushmore Day!

Did you know February 19th is officially Rushmore Day in Houston?

Last week I went to a 15th Anniversary screening of Rushmore at The Alalmo Drafthouse in Houston. The films star, Jason Schwartzman was in attendance to meet fans and answer questions before the film.  After the Q&A he was given a proclamation from Houston's Mayor naming February 19th Rushmore Day.

The reason for all of this was because Rushmore was filmed in Houston, and the director, Wes Anderson is a Houston native.  If you have never seen the film, you are really missing out.  Bill Murray is in it, what else do you need?
I wrote about the film a few years ago and took some "then and now" photos of the locations, you can see them here.
I also had the chance to meet Jason, here's the proof.

Tales From The College Program: Ken's Hell Day

My primary role while working for Disney was at The Missing Link Sausage Company on Pleasure Island.  A few days a month I would work at Cirque Du Soleil as a backer for the concession stand cashiers.  The jobs consisted of filling drinks and getting popcorn buckets.  It was very rare that someone from Cirque came to work at the Link.  One day a coworker called in sick and Ken was the unlucky guy who was chosen to fill in.  He would be working with me and Dan (the dream team).

The great thing about working at The Link was the lack of management.  We would come in at 6 and spend an hour getting the restaurant ready for guests.  Right before 7 our manager John would come in, give us the money for the drawer, then go up to his office for a few minutes before heading back to Cirque where he would spend the rest of the night.  We probably wouldn't see him again until almost 1 AM.

The Link was so small that it only needed 2 people working most nights.  Ken came in on a weekend when we …